Web Design 


ACCROTECH offers professional design and development services for business. We deliver projects that involve Web design, database development and multimedia design. Our solutions can include e-commerce capabilities, community forums, as well as visitor analytics.

We will use your company’s identity to deliver a solution for your business and its objectives using fresh and distinctive designs. When we meet with you, we will establish your requirements and work with you thoroughly to complete the project on time and within your budget.


One of our specialties is the design and development of databases needed to support business needs as well as databases that supply dynamic content to Web sites. The industry-certified database developers at ACCROTECH will ensure that your database is optimized for the application context you select.


ACCROTECH is more than happy to continue to update and maintain your website if you desire. We offer customized maintenance plans to suite your needs.


Other services, such as brochure design, newsletters, email marketing, branding and logo design, and other marketing services are also offered.

Brand and Identity

A logo is a visual representation of your company. The image you depict conveys an instant and long-lasting impression to prospective customers. A custom logo design projects professionalism and creates a brand. If you don’t have an effective logo, you’ve lost the battle before it has even begun.

Your logo creates a visual identity for your company, and ACCROTECH is focused on creating an impactful identity that is carried throughout your marketing communications. Images, colors, fonts, and layout are all key components to creating an organization’s identity and making a connection with target audiences. We take your vision and develop multiple designs until we achieve the custom look and feel that portrays the perfect identity for your business or organization.

Consulting Services

Accrotech Solutions performs information technology consulting for businesses, organizations and individuals. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of technical services that help businesses excel in an information-dependent environment. From hardware and software setup to upgrades and maintenance, Accrotech can provide solutions to meet your businesses needs.

Our services include database development, computer networking setup and troubleshooting, Web development, Web marketing, and server installation, configuration and maintenance. Using the latest industry standards and tools, Accrotech takes a holistic approach in analyzing your business to help uncover its technology needs. From there, we use our expertise to maximize your company’s potential without punishing its bottom line. We offer custom solutions that fit each client while taking into account client budget targets. The result could help you maintain a competitive advantage in your market.

Our team has years of IT service experience and a wealth of collective knowledge of information systems. In fact, each of our technical team members hold or are working on advanced degrees in the field of management information systems. And as business owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to remain competitive in today's business climate. Let us use that to help your business thrive.

Print Media

In today’s technology-driven society, a Web site is one of your prime marketing resources, but traditional print media remains an essential part of promotions! Print media reinforces your brand image and Web presence. All marketing communications tools work together to form your brand impression. Print media can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal and enable you to reach your target market more effectively. Some of our Print Media solutions include, but are not limited to: Brochures, Post Cards, Flyers, Publication Design, Print Ads, and Business Cards.

It is vital that your Web site and print media be consistent and reinforce your brand image. ACCROTECH Solutions integrated approach to Web and print media services can help you produce that seamless brand image or.

Print media no longer serves as the key method for learning about a company and their competitive advantages. Instead, think about print media as one tool that must be maximized to entice prospects to visit your Web site or call you. Concisely written and well-designed print media should reinforce your brand image and organizational goals by communicating compelling points about your business or organization, projecting a consistent look, and driving prospects to your Web site or the phone to learn more about how they can benefit from your services or product.

ACCROTECH is focused on ensuring that print media becomes an integrated part of your market strategy by building brand image and converting potential customers into a solid client base.

ACCROTECH also provides print broker services. We can take the time-consuming print shopping and production details out of your hands. We work through established relationships with many printers to provide you with quality print media service at an affordable price.



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